Men’s Cooking

Experimental feature film
Genre: found footage
Length: 93 min.
Directed by Sílvia Subirós i Mercader
Written by Sílvia Subirós and Florencia Aliberti
Produced by Mikel Mas
Edition: Florencia Aliberti
Cinematography: Josep H. Vallès
Sound design: Cora Delgado
Music by Eloi el bon noi​​

With the support of ICAA (Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts) and the collaboration of Filmoteca de Catalunya.


My grandfather was a renowned chef and created the Motel, the restaurant where I grew up. My father and my brothers have continued his legacy, but I have not dedicated myself to cooking. In the family archives, I find the 8mm films of my grandfather, where I discover the figure of my grandmother, who has always been an anonymous character for me. Through conversations with my parents and archival material, I inquire about family history and our relationship with cooking.


  • Festival de Málaga – Cinema Cocina, official selection (2022)
  • Docs Barcelona – Documentaries, official selection (2022)
  • Fic-Cat (Festival Internacional de Cinema en Català, 2022)