Animated series for TV and children’s fiction feature film (from 3 to 8 years old)
Genre: «slapstick» comedy
Length of the series: 26 episodes, 7 min each.
Length of the film: 62 min.
Created by: Mikel Mas, Celia Rico
Directed by: Mikel Mas, Txesco Montalt
Written by: Celia Rico, Cristina Broquetas
Produced by: Mikel Mas, Iván Agenjo, Ángel Coronado, Oriol Roca, Álex Cervantes, Eric Goossens, Anton Roebben
Line producer: Susana Martín
Animation director: Víctor Rago
Music by Carles Mestre

Produced by Low Films (Cornelius Films, Wuji House, Peekaboo Animation), Hampa Studio y Walking the dog in collaboration with Fundació Joan Miró and Successió Miró.

With the participation of Televisión Española (Spanish Television), Televisió de Catalunya (Catalan Television), and of the Belgian channel Ketnet.

With the support of ICEC (Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals), the IVAC funds, Media Europe Creative and the VAF Belgian audiovisual fund.

Adventures based on the children’s activity book Mironins. A book for playing and learning with Joan Miró (2013) by Anna Carretero, Marcela Hattemer, and Anna Purroy.


Every night, when Joan Miró’s museum closes its doors and visitors go home, three droplets of paint come to life in the artist’s paintings. They are the Mironins, three inseparable friends who travel from painting to painting to live exciting adventures together with countless characters as surreal as they are unforgettable. Inside the pictures, the Mironins will discover the fascinating universe of art where creativity and imagination are inexhaustible.

Festivals and awards

  • Film nominated for Best Animated Film at the Goya Awards and at the Gaudí Awards (2022).
  • Winning film at the Gaudí Awards in the Best Animated Film category (2022).
  • Lux Film Festival (2023), Luxembourg
  • CHIFF (Children’s International Film Festival, 2022), Australia
  • Athens International Children’s Film Festival (2022), Greece
  • Shanghai International Film Festival (2022), China
  • ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival, (2022), Greece
  • JEF festival – European Youth Festival (2022), Belgium
  • Animac (2022), Spain
  • L’Atlàntida Film Fest (2021), Spain
  • Cinekid (2021), The Netherlands
  • Serielizados (2021), Spain
  • Écran Jeunesse (2021), France
  • REC Festival Internacional de Cine de Tarragona (2021), Spain
  • El meu primer festival (2021), Spain
  • Award for the best transmedia project – GAC (Associated Screenwriters from Catalonia, 2014), Spain.
  • FICOD Award for the most innovative transmedia project – 3D Wire Festival (2015), Spain.
  • Special mention of the jury for the best project – Cinekid Festival (2015), The Netherlands.